Case Study I International student experience I Southern Cross University

The Southern Cross University ran the Enhancing the International Student Experience Project, which was funded by the Australian Government through Australian Education International (AEI), part of the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education and was conducted in collaboration with Universities Australia. Aim of the Project The aim of this project was to […]

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How do you build careers into your curriculum?

The practice of embedding employability into the curriculum has been the subject of much inquiry in the Higher Education (HE) sector. With increased student numbers in the market it is important for universities to stay above the competition to improve graduate outcomes. So, how can educators embed learning and teaching activities that are both appropriate […]

Space & Pedagogy

Lessons from the Pedagogical Guru: Davina Sharry

In a snapshot: Davina’s passion reflects in her enthusiasm over the phone. In her role as Education Queensland Literacy Coach she innovated on current practices and designed an explosive reading program that sees the youngest of students learn to read in 8 weeks; all of which resulted in her achieving ‘Queensland Teacher of the Year’ for […]

Space & Pedagogy

5 key challenges from the Australian Education Review

The Australian Council for Educational Research recently released its review into Indigenous Education, “The Case for Urgency: Advocating for Indigenous voice in education” highlighting five key challenges needing urgent action to close the opportunity gap for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Challenge 1: Deficit and race-based assumptions in Indigenous education Deficit and race-based assumptions are […]

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Future Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Embracing innovation & new ways of working in teaching & learning The landscape of learning and teaching in higher education is constantly evolving. Propelled by innovation with technology, globalisation and the need to create workforce-ready graduates, universities are looking towards the future of learning. Getting on the front-foot of innovation, the higher education sector is […]

Space & Pedagogy

How to effectively invest in your learning spaces

Systematic investment in new learning environments is a matter of policy in many countries. In Australia alone, more than $16 billion funded the Rudd government’s Building the Education Revolution program. Current state government initiatives will soon increase this public investment (Building Future Schools Fund). The need for innovative classroom spaces stems from questions on the […]

Takeaway’s from Unpacking Coding Conference

The conference kicked off with James Curran posing the very important question, What are the steps in making a vegemite sandwhich? James Curran, Associate Professor at University of Sydney covered, • Understanding Digital Technologies and how it fits within the syllabus • Breaking down the language and content descriptors • Remapping Digital Technologies across the […]

Space & Pedagogy

How can you hack your learning space on a budget?

The basic elements of an active learning classroom are conventional, there is no one-size-fits all. All school designs are really based on the alumni of the school. To a large extent the brand or the voice of the school plays a key role in spatial design. To achieve the custom fit your school needs, the […]

Riley’s Journey from School to Medicine

Indigenous children face tough challenges in most education systems. They often give up on education all together as they are not motivated enough and are often not given the resources that are necessary. Riley Court Bennet is from the Barkindji tribe from an Australian Indigenous tribal group from the Darling River basin in Far West New South Wales, […]

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Powerful Youth Unemployment Programs Run by Corporates

Possessing a strong desire to reinvent education for the 21st century, Jade Moffat has been described as someone who “never sets limits on herself or others” and “is living proof of the power of thinking outside the box to realise powerful outcomes for young people”. She was recently recognized by The Educator magazine as one […]