13 lessons for Student Experience in Higher Education

Key strategies for strategically planning a personalised student experience, designing tools to measure impact, linking student requirements to the learning environment and embedding a customer centric culture.

Here are some tips & tricks to ensure a positive student experience:

  1. Engage students as partners – in program planning and delivery

  2. Employability is the key issue to address in providing a positive student experience

  3. Seeing the student more as a partner of change – it needs to be a uni wide approach.

  4. The importance of student involvement in the change process

  5. Embrace digital as the norm

  6. Same challenges, different contexts, unique responses

  7. Everyone have similar issues and are on a similar journey moving forward

  8. Marginal changes can have major impacts

  9. We need to challenge models and the authenticity of the university value proposition

  10. No-one is talking about the academic impact on student experience!

  11. Our point of differentiation needs to be HOW we put our students (as consumers) first, not that we do

  12. Inclusion of students in as many aspects of the University operation/decision making and service delivery seem to be the key step forward in ensuring students get the service they want

  13. We can’t rely on provision of high quality services to act as a differentiator between Universities.