Powerful Youth Unemployment Programs Run by Corporates

Possessing a strong desire to reinvent education for the 21st century, Jade Moffat has been described as someone who never sets limits on herself or others and “is living proof of the power of thinking outside the box to realise powerful outcomes for young people.

She was recently recognized by The Educator magazine as one of Australia’s most outstanding educators.

Starting as a high-school teacher, Jade is currently leading IBM’s adoption of the P-TECH education model in Australia and is a major advocate of new collar jobs. Prior to this, Jade led National Australia Bank’s education programs. Jade works across both the education sector and the corporate sector which makes her wealth of knowledge across the two industries very solid.

Jade explains the various programs that she facilitates at IBM:

KidSmart Early Learning Program :

KidSmart early learning program is designed to teach technology to underprivileged preschoolers who might not have the resources to access technology at home. Preschoolers often become confident in technology by the time they reach school age. An independent evaluation of the KidSmart Program in Australia has shown that children participating in the program have improved their sharing, listening and cognitive skills.

Each Kidsmart centre also receives quality training from teacher programs run by IBM’s partners. The workshop introduces teachers to the adequate technology requirements needed to facilitate the learning process. Teachers are encouraged to network with their peers to share ideas and build confidence in their skills. Networks available to KidSmart teachers and early childhood educators extend into Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand.They then go on to impart their knowledge on teachers from countries like China and India.

Over 1,279 centres have KidSmart programs set up around Asia Pacific. KidSmart has also been very successfully integrated into indigenous education programs in NSW, WA, SA and NT.

Online mentoring with The Smith Family:

IBM also partner with The Smith Family to facilitate a mentoring program called i-Track for school aged children. i-Track supports high school children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds. It helps the children transition from school to work, by pairing them with IBM mentors who offer experience, encouragement and advice.

Tertiary mentoring with Victoria University:

IBM volunteers also mentor tertiary students through their IBM-Victoria University partnership. It is a final year mentor program that offers IT students guidance on post university plans.

These are some of the programs that Jade Moffat runs to really integrate children and students from underprivileged backgrounds to receive the training and soft skills that they need to progress into an ever changing workforce.