Ruyton Girls’ embraces future-focused learning

Many schools across Australia are re-imagining the concept of classrooms, by either redesigning existing spaces or building new ones. It can often be difficult to envision what you would like these new, innovative learning spaces to actually look like. Ensuring your school’s vision, culture and philosophy is reflected will help with the transitioning of staff, teaching and students into these 21st century learning environments.

It is very useful to see how other schools have designed and transitioned into new spaces, while understanding how they are connecting pedagogy to space. For example, have a look at Ruyton Girls’ new Margaret McRae Centre in Melbourne.


Ruyton Girls’ School

4566 ruytonstaircase

Woods Baggot, the project’s architects, say “the design sees a move away from traditional classroom planning framework where desks are lined in rows and a teacher educates from the front, to a model that prioritises natural light, flexible furniture and technology-enabled teaching and learning…

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“…With a clear focus on personalised learning, the school’s approach exemplifies the shift towards student-centred learning where collaboration, creativity and critical thinking are all essential components.