Is reverse articulation the answer to improved student retention?

Much has been made in the media of the contention that university dropout rates have been increasing and that they ‘have hit their highest level for eight years as booming enrolments of academically struggling students, particularly in regional and online courses, take their toll’ (Hare, 2015). To place this in context, in 2013, the national […]

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Futureproofing Australia’s workforce with STEM

STEM is often mistaken for coding and technology. But STEM in itself is a way of thinking, it is teaching children problem solving skills, it is more about encouraging children to create something and solve problems along the creation process. With the changing job environment and the prerequisites for the changing workforce, job titles are often […]

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10 space STEM activities to engage your students

Could space themed lessons be the next frontier in engaging students in STEM? Director of the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, Michael Pakakis thinks so. “Take any subject and make it space-related. Engagement goes up by 100%.” Not only does space drive student engagement, it can also offer some creative ideas for exploring the interdisciplinary […]

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