STEM-spiration: 14 STEM activities for the new term!

Whether you’re looking for a quick, fun activity or long term projects to boost STEM learning, we’ve got a collection of STEM activities to get the ball rolling this term!


  1. Watch liquid move without touching it by making magnetic slime
  2. Get term started with a bang with these exploding pop rockets
  3. Understand the characteristics of Earth’s atmosphere as you ascend to space
  4. Develop an amphibian unit study for students from k-12


  1. Build a computer coding game without a computer
  2. Get students excited about technology with these online resources
  3. Build your own star wars galaxy


  1. Recreate this trampoline challenge in the classroom
  2. See how high you can get these paper fliers
  3. Get up and running by making miniature robots


  1. Graph Linear Equations – Full Body Style
  2. Get outside for some Nurf Gun Maths!
  3. Learn about 2D shapes with marshmallow geometry
  4. Know exactly how much you’re eating, with the Geometry of M&Ms