10 space STEM activities to engage your students

Could space themed lessons be the next frontier in engaging students in STEM? Director of the Victorian Space Science Education Centre, Michael Pakakis thinks so.

“Take any subject and make it space-related. Engagement goes up by 100%.”

Not only does space drive student engagement, it can also offer some creative ideas for exploring the interdisciplinary nature of STEM. Get ready to launch into the world of space with these 10 STEM space activities:

1. Develop a scientific mission goal in this Mars Roverexploration lesson
2. Design and build a straw rocket that’s ready for takeoff
3. Get coding: Program planetary rates of orbit in this online solar system
4. Investigate how comets are formed in this experiment
5. Experiment: Investigate the chemistry of space exploration
6. Make gooey space slime
7. Launch a rocket from a spinning planet experiment
8. Understand microgravity in space in this experiment
9. Discover how many stars are in our atmosphere
10.Get creative building this paper mache solar system