Evidence Based Teaching

The future of NAPLAN

Big review of NAPLAN could be on the horizon after key findings from the highly anticipated Gonski review indicated too great a focus on periodic standardised tests to measure performance rather than much needed ongoing assessment tailored to individual student needs. Just two weeks ago NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes indicated his support for the […]

The Curriculum Evaluation and Research (CER) framework

In the academic workplace, academics are increasingly expected to provide robust evidence of the quality, effectiveness and impact of their work. Academic work typically flows in four broad streams of activity: disciplinary research, teaching, institutional service and community service. Increasingly, each of these areas involves a commitment of time and effort that is devoted to […]

Distance Education: Would you like deep learning with that?

Australian universities are experiencing unprecedented growth in distance education. More than 200,000 students were studying in external mode, representing more than 14% of higher education enrollments. Given the large numbers of students choosing to study via distance, or online, what are – or should – universities be doing differently to ensure that these students have […]

Action Now Report: How can we improve the quality of teacher education?

National teaching standards are weakly applied, recent graduates are poorly supported, teacher education providers and schools are not working together effectively, and Australians are not confident in the quality of student teachers. These are just some of the key findings of the Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers Report. “The evidence is clear: enhancing the capability of […]

3 tried and tested evidence based practices to integrate into your school strategy

With evidence informed practice being so critical to ongoing improvements in student achievement, there is a great deal of information available to schools on the latest evidence based strategies. The Evidence for Learning team, after extensive research have ranked many strategies with a few key ones coming out on top in terms of cost, evidence […]