Future Skills

How do you build careers into your curriculum?

The practice of embedding employability into the curriculum has been the subject of much inquiry in the Higher Education (HE) sector. With increased student numbers in the market it is important for universities to stay above the competition to improve graduate outcomes. So, how can educators embed learning and teaching activities that are both appropriate […]

Ruyton Girls’ embraces future-focused learning

Many schools across Australia are re-imagining the concept of classrooms, by either redesigning existing spaces or building new ones. It can often be difficult to envision what you would like these new, innovative learning spaces to actually look like. Ensuring your school’s vision, culture and philosophy is reflected will help with the transitioning of staff, […]

Education no longer a ‘golden ticket’ to full-time employment

In 2018, twenty five year-olds are more educated than ever before. This should be an assuring statistic, a sign of increased career prospects and opportunities for young people. However, 50% of twenty five year-olds are not in full time work, beckoning the question- are we adequately preparing young people to enter the world of work? […]

Powerful Youth Unemployment Programs Run by Corporates

Possessing a strong desire to reinvent education for the 21st century, Jade Moffat has been described as someone who “never sets limits on herself or others” and “is living proof of the power of thinking outside the box to realise powerful outcomes for young people”. She was recently recognized by The Educator magazine as one […]

Changing the game: a school at the beginning of its high expectations-relationship journey

After completing the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program, I obtained a grant to implement SSLP work within a new school structure at Wanniassa School, Tuggeranong, ACT – a school with 11% Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, one of the largest populations in Canberra schools. This work, based on high expectations with high support, was linked […]

13 lessons for Student Experience in Higher Education

Key strategies for strategically planning a personalised student experience, designing tools to measure impact, linking student requirements to the learning environment and embedding a customer centric culture. Here are some tips & tricks to ensure a positive student experience: Engage students as partners – in program planning and delivery Employability is the key issue to […]